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The Maker
Book - The Space Age
The Space Age
(Steve Lyons)
 Name: The Maker

 Format: Book

 Time of Origin: Appeared on Earth in 1965; took a group of humans to a distant asteroid in the 30th century.

 Appearances: "The Space Age"

 Doctors: Eighth Doctor

 Companions: Fitz Kreiner and Compassion

 History: While the Maker was not an enemy of The Doctor in itself, its actions resulted in The Doctor facing a particularly complicated threat during his travels, as its lack of understanding of Time caused it to threaten and ruin the lives of several innocent humans.

 In its natural state, the Maker existed in the higher dimensions of reality, at a point beyond what even Time Lords are aware of, capable of reshaping matter around them and perceiving the other dimensions of existence, although unspecified circumstances can cause it to enter our level of reality. It initially appeared in our reality when a ship carrying a Maker somehow ‘crashed’ on a beach in 1965 near a young couple called Alec and Sandra, Sandra wondering if the rocker Alec actually loved her or if he was just rebelling against her mod brothers. Despite their doubts about the relationship, they were able to put aside their differences for a few hours to try and help the creature recover until it was able to assemble a new ship from the sand around it and return to its dimension.

 Grateful to Alec and Sandra for their attempts to help it even if they couldn’t understand what it needed, the Maker - in an action that was later compared to humans thanking dolphins for helping them - attempted to give them the future they wanted rather than the futures that it perceived they would live. As a result, during the next rumble between Alec’s gang of rockers and Sandra’s mod brothers, the Maker returned to Earth and took Alec, Sandra, Sandra’s brothers - including Rick, allegedly her youngest brother but actually Sandra’s own son -, their respective gangs, and a few random passers-by who were present during the rocker-VS-mod rumble into the distant future, depositing them on an asteroid in 3012 where it had created a vast white technological city based on the 1960s perception of what the future would look like, including food in pill form, tunnels that took people rapidly around the city, and anti-gravity beds.

Lacking any knowledge of the Maker’s true nature or their real location - the Maker having even altered the view of the night sky from the asteroid so that it appeared to show the constellations that had been visible on Earth in the 1960s -, the two gangs assumed that they had been taken into the future after some kind of devastating war had rendered Earth uninhabitable, arbitrarily deciding that they would consider the date of their arrival as 1st January 2000 to give themselves some kind of dating reference. Although they were initially able to work together to ‘rebuild Earth’, the lack of anything else to do in the city resulted in the mods and rockers eventually turning on each other once again to give themselves something to do with their lives, a fight during Alec and Sandra’s wedding - her last attempt to bring peace to the groups - resulting in the deaths of her brothers. During the following decades, each group engaged in various minor ‘rumbles’ with each other while avoiding damaging the city’s central Brain - the controlling computer -, some individuals attempting to break off from the main group and live outside the city, only to be forced to remain within range of the construct due to the lack of oxygen on the asteroid.

 However, the damage to the city that resulted from their battles eventually drew the Maker back to the city, allowing Rick - who had now become the leader of the mod group, although his personality was essentially that of a dangerous child given to abrupt mood swings and furious rages when he didn’t get his own way as he had never had anyone to impose limits on him - to capture the creature and make it give him new weapons. Lacking any knowledge of individuals, the Maker began to take back its ‘gifts’ as it saw all humans as equally culpable for Rick’s actions against it, resulting in the city itself beginning to decay as time went on and the conflict continued, the Maker providing Rick with weapons just so that the humans could destroy themselves faster.

 Fortunately, the distortion in the higher dimensions caused by the Maker’s presence drew in the Eighth Doctor, Fitz Kreiner, and the new Type-102 TARDIS Compassion, Compassion’s new nature allowing her to ‘perceive’ the Maker on the higher planes and communicate with it. While she temporarily shut off her awareness of the physical realm to concentrate on the Maker, The Doctor and Fitz set off to explore the city, only to be captured by the rockers and mods respectively. When Rick revealed the presence of the Maker to Fitz, Compassion - who had tracked the Maker to Rick’s headquarters - was able to act as a filter that allowed the Maker to communicate with Fitz without the Maker’s pan-dimensional nature overwhelming Fitz’s mind, helping Fitz realise what was happening to the city. At the same time, The Doctor was able to make an impression on the rockers by developing a device that could send those within its vicinity to sleep, allowing him to knock out the next mod attack without any death, although Alec still insisted that he try to analyse and duplicate the ray guns that the mods had acquired recently despite The Doctor’s distaste at being caught up in an arms race.

 With Rick and Alec becoming increasingly irrational, their gangs began to fall apart, Sandra finally leaving Alec as she accepted that he would never grow up while Gillian, the rockers’ technician, accompanied The Doctor during his investigation of the Brain. Although The Doctor tried to buy time by turning the Brain off to focus on conserving the city’s remaining life-support, Alec’s attempt to force The Doctor to turn the Brain back on so that they could use it against the mods only caused further damage, matters becoming worse when the frustrated Sandra revealed the truth about their relationship to Rick. Devastated and enraged, Rick asked the Maker to create an ‘ultimate weapon’ for him in the form of a massive drill, the resulting battle drawing in further Makers to ‘punish’ the humans until The Doctor and Compassion were able to make contact with the Makers and help them understand the damage they had done to the humans’ lives.

 With The Doctor helping them understand the dangers of the paradox that they had unleashed on the humans’ lives, the Makers agreed to give the survivors a choice between remaining in the present and being inserted into human society in the year 3012 or returning to Earth in 1965, although those sent back to Earth would lose all memory of their time in the city. Although Alec took the offer to return, Sandra and Gillian decided to remain, not wanting to lose the people that they had become, Sandra also resolving to take care of the now-traumatised Rick after the Makers’ last attempt to communicate with him nearly shattered his mind. With the crisis resolved, The Doctor and Fitz departed in Compassion, Compassion having concluded that she belonged with them despite the possibilities presented to her by the Makers.
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