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 Name: Krasko

 Format: Television Show

 Time of Origin: Originated at some unspecified point in the future (his equipment apparently sent things to the seventy-ninth century, but it was not specified if that was his home time or just a random period he selected later); confronted The Doctor in Montgomery 1955 and was left trapped in the distant past.

 Appearances: "Rosa"

 Doctors: Thirteenth Doctor
 Companions: Graham O'Brien, Ryan Sinclair and Yasmin Khan

 History: Originally apparently little more than a murderer, albeit one with a particularly twisted attitude and an apparently exceptional body-count, Krasko went on to pose a potentially significant threat to history through connections he made while in prison.

The exact list of Krasko's crimes are unclear, but he himself 'admitted' that he had been responsible for at least a thousand murders, and his tone implied that he had been guilty of far more. The most significant thing about him was the fact that he was blatantly racist, referring to black people as though they were a separate race from whites, with one of The Doctor's companions musing that Krasko was the one who truly lived in the past.

Eventually, Krasko's crimes became so significant that he was once imprisoned in Stormcage - a prison so dangerous that it was used to keep River Song contained after she was accused of killing The Doctor ("The Wedding of River Song") - and after he was captured, he was fitted with a neural inhibitor after his release. With the neural inhibitor, Krasko was rendered incapable of taking any action that might result in harm coming to another living being; at one point he experienced serious headaches after he just grabbed someone by the throat. Refusing to accept these limits, Krasko acquired a temporal displacement weapon that would allow him to displace anything he shot with it to another point in history; he was only ever shown shooting at objects, but he could use it to threaten his enemies who didn't know about the inhibitor or the nature of the weapon.

Having acquired a vortex manipulator (like the one owned by The Doctor's old companion Captain Jack Harkness), Krasko eventually travelled back to the American town of Montgomery in 1955, having concluded that this year was the time when things started to 'go wrong' as black people took steps to ensure that they would have equal rights to white people. Although the neural inhibitor prevented Krasko from carrying out this plan by doing something as simple as killing Martin Luther King Jr. before he made his more famous marches, Krasko instead set out to prevent the Montgomery Bus Boycott by preventing Rosa Parks from taking the bus ride that would result in her refusing to give up her seat to a white passenger.

Fortunately for history, after Krasko had spent months assessing his target, his plans were interrupted when the TARDIS materialised in Montgomery just a couple of days before Rosa's bus ride. When the Thirteenth Doctor became curious about the build-up of artron energy in the city caused by Krasko stalking Rosa, she began searching the city with her companions Graham O'Brien, Ryan Sinclair and Yasmin Khan soon establishing that Rosa was the source of the emissions. This led to a brief confrontation with Krasko after The Doctor found his equipment in a warehouse, Krasko in turn having already discovered the TARDIS and identified it as a time machine even if he clearly failed to recognise the reputation of its owner.

With their enemy and his plan established, The Doctor and her companions spent time going over what was known about Rosa's role in future history so that they could determine how Krasko might stop it. Confronting Krasko while her friends carried out further research, The Doctor destroyed his vortex manipulator and most of his equipment, simultaneously confirming that Krasko had a neural inhibitor when he tried to strangle The Doctor and experienced a serious headache until he let go of her throat.

Krasko (with the Bus Driver)
Krasko (with the Bus Driver)
Recognising that Krasko would continue his plan despite being trapped in this time, The Doctor, Graham, Ryan and Yasmin continued their efforts to oppose his plans. Having determined that he had arranged for James Blake - the bus driver who had Rosa arrested - to take a holiday on that day, The Doctor used her contact with Elvis Presley to arrange for Blake's replacement to win a trip to Las Vegas while Ryan and Graham provoked Blake back to work by fishing in the same spot. Krasko then tried to make it impossible for Blake to work by damaging his bus, but The Doctor and Graham were able to stop this plan by providing a new bus. Krasko had also taken steps to leave false notices at earlier bus stops declaring that they weren't in use so that the bus wouldn't be full enough to necessitate Rosa being forced out of her seat, but Ryan was able to remove enough of the signs to keep the bus fairly full while The Doctor and Yasmin kept Rosa working to a point where she would be sure to catch that bus.

As Rosa completed work on The Doctor's damaged coat, Ryan confronted Krasko as he had parked a car in the path of the bus before it reached Rosa's stop. Confirming that Krasko's plan was based around his racism, Ryan informed the man that he was truly living in the past before using the temporal displacement weapon that The Doctor had stolen earlier to send Krasko into the distant past, apparently ensuring that he wouldn't be a problem in future. Ryan was able to remove the car before it could be a problem for the bus, but Krasko's plans had still left the bus with a few less passengers, forcing The Doctor and her companions to stay on the bus to make up the numbers while simply watching as Rosa was arrested. In the end, like Krasko himself, his potentially ambitious plan was thwarted because he set his sights too high, challenging history only to be defeated because he underestimated his 'inferiors'.

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