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The Euterpians
Book - Invasion of the Cat-People
Invasion of the Cat-People
(Gary Russell)
 Name: The Euterpians

 Format: Book

 Time of Origin: Encountered The Doctor on Earth in 1994, but ruled an empire in their heyday over 40 000 years ago.

 Appearances: "Invasion of the Cat-People"

 Doctors: Second Doctor

 Companions: Polly and Ben Jackson

 History: One of the most ancient and dangerous races The Doctor had ever encountered, the Euterpians’ most distinctive feature is their sheer self-centredness, regarding the sacrifice of an entire planet acceptable if it meant that they would achieve their goals. Capable of natural time travel under the right conditions - as opposed to the artificial methods used by the Time Lords -, they had also carried out research into transcendental engineering, and their RTCs - reverse tachyon-chronons, devices capable of reversing the flow of time immediately around them - were even kept on Gallifrey in recognition of the scale of their achievement.

 Originally arriving on Earth over forty thousand years in Earth’s past, a landing party of five Euterpians intended to plant beacons on Earth to prepare it for their mothership, the beacons giving the other ship a line that they could use to cut open the planet and convert it into a new fuel source. Unfortunately for them, the mothership was destroyed by a random solar flare before they could begin, and the members of the spearhead were left trapped on Earth ever since, using RTCs to slow their aging until they could put their plan into action. They intended to wait until they could contact another race with the necessary technology to complete their plan, unaware that the beacons had moved over the centuries due to continental drift, resulting in them now being spread out over Earth’s surface instead of the straight line that they had been originally.

 Drawn to the Victorian manor the Grange when the Second Doctor and Polly began to experience strange dreams of a young Goth man during their travels, the TARDIS crew discovered a team of students on a ghost-hunting expedition in 1994 that was led by Miss Thorsuun - really a Euterpian living in secret who believed that the ‘ghosts’ were attempted messages from other Euterpians using the beacons - who quickly recognised that The Doctor and his friends were time travellers. However, Thorsuun had also summoned the Cat People - really known as the Felinetta, but referred to by their human adversaries as the Cat People for convenience’s sake -, a widespread race of galactic scavengers from a variety of planets and consisting of a variety of breeds from the planet Lynx, to help her. Thorsuun had intended to use the Cat People’s technology to help her activate the beacons, but swiftly realised that they were very unreliable allies as they also sought a new energy source for their dying world and were willing to simply strip the planet if Thorsuun betrayed them.

At the same time, Atimkos - the man that The Doctor and Polly had been dreaming about - was approaching the Grange, manipulating time and flesh with his song to prevent anyone getting in his way, having sent his psychic message to the TARDIS to lure in The Doctor, although he had now concluded that Polly was more appropriate for his plan. Making contact with the other Euterpians, Atimkos and Polly were able to deduce that the lines between the beacons had become ley lines of psychic energy, and also discovered that other Euterpians had carried out experiments to enhance human psychic potential to provide a new power source for the beacons. With Ben being held hostage by the Cat People to ensure The Doctor’s good behaviour, Atimkos took Polly as his own hostage before destroying the Grange - along with all the students inside it - by singing one of the ley lines active.

 Although the Cat People were able to trap Thorsuun in the past - her future self living her way back to 1994 only to be killed when she tried to warn her younger self about their betrayal -, Atimkos was able to hypnotise Polly and provoke her dormant psychic potential to activate the beacons, destroying Earth by compressing its essence into a small ball. With the Cat People and the TARDIS having been transferred to a garden that another Euterpian had created in a hyperdimensional nexus point, The Doctor revealed that the Euterpian civilisation had mysteriously died out centuries ago, the other two surviving Euterpians concluding that they preferred their life on Earth to trying to restore a dead world.

 Although Atimkos tried to force The Doctor to give him the globe, The Doctor was able to defeat him by trapping him inside the TARDIS after removing the ship’s Time Vector Generator, reverting the interior to that of a simple police box. When Atkimos tried to sing his way out of the locked ship, he failed to realise before it was too late that the box was still indestructible even in this state, and his ‘song’ thus reverberated around inside the box and disintegrated him rather than the TARDIS. Having recovered the ball containing Earth’s life energy, The Doctor restored Earth to normal, using the RTCs to override the TARDIS’s damaged navigation controls and rescue the students from the Grange before it exploded, while the Cat People’s ship was destroyed when they accidentally fired at an RTC and triggered an explosive backlash. With their purpose having been confirmed to be a failure, the remaining Euterpians decided to stay on Earth, where they had come to feel at home, The Doctor confident that they would do no harm to human civilisation.
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