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Dirk Slipstream

Book - Night of the Humans
Night of the Humans
(David Llewellyn)
 Name: Dirk Slipstream

 Format: Book

 Time of Origin: Died in the year 250 339; precise planet of origin unknown.

 Appearances: "Night of the Humans"

 Doctors: Eleventh Doctor

 Companions: Amy Pond

 History: Of all The Doctor’s many enemies, Dirk Slipstream is unquestionably one that The Doctor will never bother to remember or think about longer than absolutely necessary, Slipstream being little more than a pretentious idiot with more ambition than sense, even if his equal lack of morality made him a threat that shouldn’t be ignored.

 Having been responsible for the deaths of fifty people simply to steal some jewels, Slipstream was caught by The Doctor (The precise incarnation was never specified, but given Slipstream’s knowledge that The Doctor is the last Time Lord and The Doctor’s thoughts that it had been ‘years and regenerations’ since he last saw him, the Ninth Doctor would be the best candidate) and sentenced to several thousand years in the ice prison of Volag Noc for his crimes. With little else to do but read, Slipsteam began to peruse the prison library, eventually stumbling upon the myth of the Mymon Key, a powerful object created centuries in the distant past that could manipulate gravity.

 Automatically fascinated by this object, Slipstream spent most of his time researching it, eventually tracing it to a human expedition ship that had vanished several thousand years ago, tracking the ship to the Gyre, a flat planet composed of space junk that met due to the combined gravity of nearby systems. Aware that the Mymon Key’s designers had secured it in a box that couldn’t be opened without knowledge of their language, Slipstream broadcast a phony distress signal to draw The Doctor in, reasoning that the Time Lord was the best candidate to crack the code, before setting out to the planet himself.

Unfortunately for Slipstream, he swiftly learned after arriving on the Gyre that things were more complicated than he had believed. Not only did he have to worry about the approaching comet Schuler-Khan, which was set to crash into the Grye and destroy it a matter of hours after his arrival, but he also had to deal with the Sittuun - an alien race who had come to the Gyre to destroy it with a nanobomb that would reduce it to atoms in a matter of seconds in order to prevent the impact with the comet causing it to shatter and rain debris across the twelve planets in the Sittuun system - and the descendents of the human survivors of the crashed ship, now regressed to a primitive society that believed the Gyre was Earth and that their ‘God’, Gobo - really the logo for the company that owned the ship - would come to take them to ‘El Pasa’ (One of the crew having brought a great deal of Westerns which had become ‘sacred messages’ to the descendents). Although Slipstream’s ‘plan’ to ‘recruit’ The Doctor had worked, matters were complicated when the Eleventh Doctor was captured by the humans as a ‘heretic’ for his attempts to explain the truth, while his companion Amy Pond was ‘rescued’ by the Sittuuns.

 Arriving on the Gyre in his ship, Slipstream ‘offered’ to help Amy rescue The Doctor, only to abandon her when they were attacked by Sollogs - a local life-form that looked like a giant slug with legs -, Amy only narrowly escaping when one of the Sittuun took Slipstream’s ship to follow her out of his own guilt at being prepared to abandon The Doctor. Arriving at the human ship, Slipstream was able to force The Doctor to take him to the Mymon Key, but The Doctor was able to dispose of the Key in the swamps of the Gyre - realising that the Gyre itself had been formed by the Key - as the Sittuun prepared to escape after setting off the bomb. Refusing to abandon the Key, Slipstream attempted to shoot his way through the swamps to recover it, only to be killed by the Sollog. With Slipstream dead, The Doctor, Amy and the Sittuun were forced to leave the humans as the nanobomb detonated, The Doctor forced to accept that he couldn’t convince the humans to depart after their corrupted heritage, although Amy and the Sittuun assured him that he had done everything he could, and that he should consider the lives had been saved with the destruction of the Gyre.
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