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Danny Fisher
Doctor Who Magazine - Issue 470
Issue 470
 Name: Danny Fisher; prominent aliases included Azrael

 Format: Comic

 Time of Origin: Earth

 Appearances: "The Blood of Azrael"; was 'behind-the-scenes' in "The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky".

 Doctors: Eleventh Doctor; was present during an adventure of the Tenth Doctor's but didn't meet him directly.

 Companions: Clara Oswald, Annabel Lake; may have seen Martha Jones and Donna Noble but no indication that he met them directly.

 History: Although he was only human, Danny Fisher's ambitions soon extended far beyond even some of The Master's most twisted schemes, seeking the complete annihilation of every non-human life form in the universe and justifying it on the grounds that he was 'saving' Earth.

Matt Smith
Matt Smith
 Danny's first encounter with alien life took place when he was a child on a camping trip with his father, when a frog-like alien killed his father. When Danny attacked it with a shovel, the creature pleaded for mercy, but Danny simply assumed that the creature was lying and beat it to death. Convinced that he had found his purpose, he trained himself to face further monsters, eventually being recruited to UNIT in time to participate in the confrontation with the Sontarans during the ATMOS crisis ("The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky"). Although he had potential to become an officer, Danny was instead headhunted by Wonderland, an anti-alien division of MI6 led by the Lake family, old acquaintances of The Doctor who favoured a more discreet but pro-active approach, dealing with potential alien threats to Earth by using salvaged alien technology to seek them out before they came to Earth. Concealing the extent of his xenophobia, Danny went on to become a trusted agent of the group, often working with Anabel Lake, the daughter of Wonderland's founder, when out on field missions.

 At some point during his career in Wonderland, Danny heard the myth of Azrael, the first Necrotist, a group of artists who used death as their medium. Supposedly, Azrael had originated from a world that had achieved immortality, with his first act as a Necrotist being to destroy his own people as he unleashed agonising destruction on them, before going on to slaughter countless worlds in the name of his 'art' over the next three centuries until his execution in 8000 BC, his last words being 'Death is my ally'. Searching various records, Danny eventually managed to trace Azrael's mask, which contained his skills and memories, and would grant them to a 'worthy' successor to Azrael.

 Although he now had access to Azrael's knowledge of various methods of death, Danny continued to bide his time to act until one of Wonderland's missions resulted in them luring The Doctor to an elaborate alien black market, alerting him to a twisted auction where the last of a species of rare telepathic aliens would be auctioned off so that the buyer could eat them, based on an old belief that this would grant the consumer the aliens' telepathy. When The Doctor was thrown out of the auction and Clara was identified as a rare specimen due to her trips through time, The Doctor was forced to auction off the TARDIS to cause enough disruption in the market to free Clara and the other aliens. The resulting chaos as people bid on the TARDIS gave Anabel a chance to infect the network with nanobots that Wonderland could use to monitor future sales, but although The Doctor succeeded in saving Clara and the telepaths, the TARDIS was sold before he could get back to it, the ship refusing to let him back in as it felt that he had essentially chosen Clara over it.

 After Danny acquired the TARDIS - it was unspecified if he bought it himself in the first place, had an agent purchase it for him, or just found and killed the new owner using Wonderland's new access to the auction network - he set out to use it as a weapon against various alien races. As a key stage of his plan, he advertised the 'return' of Azrael among the Necrotists so that he could test his greatest weapon against them; an energy burst known as The Mercy, configured to destroy any non-humans in the 'blast radius' by literally turning them into blood. The Doctor and Anabel were eventually able to find the TARDIS and Danny, but he was able to capture them and reveal his true connection to Azrael, as well as how he had coated the TARDIS in Mercy and intended to unleash it on Cornucopia, a city-planet populated by a thousand different races.

 Demonstrating his excessively cynical and xenophobic nature, Danny not only denied The Doctor's accusations that he was a murderer by claiming that he was basically an abattoir employee as he never killed 'people', but even asked The Doctor to tell Danny the 'truth' about why he had been saving Earth for so many centuries, convinced that The Doctor had to have an ulterior motive beyond protecting humanity because he liked them. When The Doctor refused to give Danny the answer he wanted, Danny turned his attention to Annabel, believing that she had to share his views on alien life after the death of her mother during her first meeting with The Doctor, but Anabel simply pretended to agree with him so that he would release her. After knocking Danny down and violently declaring that her mother would be disgusted if she agreed with Danny, Annabel released The Doctor to stop the weaponised TARDIS before attacking her former colleague, eventually killing Danny with his own weapon while The Doctor was able to bring the TARDIS back to itself.
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