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10th Doctor Audio - Time Reaver
Time Reaver
(Jenny T Colgan)

 Name: Cully

 Format: Audio

 Time of Origin: Distant future; encountered The Doctor on the planet Calibris

 Appearances: "Time Reaver"

 Doctor: Tenth Doctor

 Companions: Donna Noble

 History: While Cully was a simple adversary on his own, being little more than an octopus-like alien gangster who sought the lost things on Calibris, his goal to acquire a time-manipulating weapon made him a notable threat to The Doctor.

David Tennant
David Tennant

The dangerous Time Reaver guns, weapons that slowed the target's perceptions of time while forcing them to still feel the physical or emotional pain that they were going through when hit by the blast. The Doctor has seen Time Reaver weapons being used for purposes ranging from forcing a man to change his will by drawing out his dying moments to a mother preventing her child from leaving home. The energy source of the Time Reaver guns could also be added to a bomb, forcing the subject to experience the explosion in super-slow motion while unable to escape its influence.

Although The Doctor believed that all Time Reaver guns had been eliminated, it turned out that a sizeable portion of them had been acquired by the Vacintians, a highly organised race that existed as a mass collective adhering to their established rules. The Vacintians had been using Time Reaver guns to extend their lives after they learned that their sun was dying, unable to evacuate the planet as their collective nature meant that they essentially 'had' to do everything together, with the result that they were all staying on the planet as they lacked the resources to evacuate everybody, and choosing this method of extending their remaining time as a compromise. Unfortunately, several Time Reaver guns were stolen by a young Vacintian called Cora and taken to Calibris, a giant mechanical planet that doubled as a spaceport, Cora believing that others could use the guns for more benevolent purposes to extend happier times such as weddings.

However, upon learning that Cora possessed the Time Reaver guns, Cully abducted her and attempted to acquire the weapons for his own ends, shooting her with the weapon for a few seconds - which translated to several hours from her perspective - as a means of torture. When the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble arrived on Calibris to acquire new fluid links for the TARDIS, The Doctor was outraged when he learned that the Time Reavers were on Calbris, joining the Vacintian forces currently trying to track down the Time Reaver guns once he had established the reason for their presence. Having captured Donna as an additional hostage when she became separated from the others, Cully attempted to force Cora to hand over the other guns by attaching a Time Reaver bomb to Donna's back based on the gun he had acquired already, but The Doctor was able to detach it in time. With no other way to dispose of the bomb, Cora’s father Rone sacrificed himself to prevent his daughter’s mistake hurting others, taking the bomb and jumping into a wormhole tunnel, condemning himself to experience the explosion in slow motion so that nobody else would die in the blast.

Faced with this evidence of how flawed her ideals had been, Cora handed the rest of the Time Reaver guns to The Doctor, who expended the last of their energies by shooting himself with all twenty-four guns at once. While Donna waited for The Doctor to regain consciousness from the subsequent freeze, Cora was abducted by Cully, using the last Time Reaver gun, with the hope of using her to reverse-engineer the weapons for himself. Although he was able to take Cora to his ship, hidden over an exhaust vent near the planet's surface, Donna pursued them to rescue Cora, with The Doctor recovering just in time to get her to safety while Cully was shot with the last gun in the struggle. As the vent began to spew its release just as Cully activated his ship's engines, he was left to experience his ship's destruction occurring in slow motion, gradually registering what was happening to him but incapable of doing anything about it.

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