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The Beast
The Beast
The Beast
 Name: The Beast

 Format: Television show

 Time of Origin: Uncertain; it claims to be from 'before Time', and was definitely very ancient and powerful, but the truth of this statement is unknown.

 Appearances: "The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit"

 Doctors: Tenth Doctor

 Companions: Rose Tyler

 History: The truth about the Beast is uncertain even now. If you believe its stories, the Beast was older than the Universe itself, and had been imprisoned by the 'Disciples of the Light' at the very beginning of Creation, trapped on a planet on the outskirts of the Universe. From this point in existence, it had gone on to become the inspiration for every myth of an evil 'horned god' throughout existence - if the Beast is to be believed, everything from Earth's Satan to the Kaled God of War was inspired by the Beast.

 Regardless of this uncertainty about its origins, what is known is the fact that the planet the Beast was imprisoned on was trapped in permanent orbit of a black hole, despite the fact that, at the distance the planet was from the black hole, it should have been sucked into the planet. This was because the planet generated a gravity field that kept it in constant balance against the black hole, the gravity funnel's power source had an inverted self-extrapolating reflex of 66 every 6 seconds - a power demand that was meant to be impossible. It was buried, along with the Beast, 10 miles below the surface under solid rock, and registered over 90 statz on the blazen scale.

 After several millennia of imprisonment on that planet, the Beast's world was finally visited by outsiders in the form of an expedition force from Earth, representing the 'Torchwood Archive' - presumably the 'descendant' of the Torchwood organisation that exists in the present day. The expedition was forced to remain on the planet as they drilled down to the apparent location of the power source that kept the planet in its position - ten miles below the surface - aided by the 'slave race' known as The Ood, a species that possessed squid-like heads and were persistently linked to each other via a low-grade telepathic field. The expedition attempted to study the writings that had been left with the Beast, but, regardless of the truth of the Beast's origins, the writing was so old that not even the TARDIS's translating matrix could translate it.

Once the drilling reached the ten-mile depth, the Beast took control of the expedition's archaeologist, a young virgin (Whether this was relevant to the Beast possessing him over the others is unknown) called Toby Zed, subsequently transferring himself into the Ood, where he was able to use the Ood's telepathic field to control all of them, turning them into the 'Legion of the Beast'. Fortunately, The Doctor and Rose Tyler arrived on the planet shortly before the expedition reached the ten mile depth, where they subsequently befriended the expedition members after the TARDIS fell into the planet during an asteroid bombardment. With no other options, The Doctor joined Ida Scott, one of the expedition, to descend to the power source while Rose remained with the expedition.

 When the Beast launched its 'attack' with the Ood, The Doctor and Ida discovered that the power source was actually located further down beneath the planet's surface, accessible via a massive pit. The cable that would have taken The Doctor and Ida back to the surface was broken, so The Doctor decided to use the cable to go down into the Pit, leaving Ida to pass a message onto Rose. Encouraging the expedition to keep fighting, Rose inspired one of the team to trigger a telepathic pulse that would neutralize the Ood, sending the Ood into a 'coma'.

 Down in the centre of the planet, The Doctor confronted the Beast, where he learned the story of the Beast's imprisonment from various pictures on the walls of its prison. As he confronted the Beast's body, The Doctor realised, much to his horror, that the Beast facing him was just that - the body, rather than the brilliant mind that had taunted him and the others earlier. The Beast had transferred his mind completely into Toby's body after his initial possession of the archaeologist, and now, as the surviving members of the expedition fled the planet via the gravity tunnel, leaving his prison the only way he could... by leaving his body.

 Initially, the Beast's plan appeared foolproof; The Doctor could stop the Beast from escaping by destroying the power source that created the gravity funnel once and for all, but that would result in the expedition's rocket - Rose included - falling into the black hole, killing them all. However, the Beast had made one mistake; The Doctor would never consider Rose, or any of his companions, as victims in a grand plan of gods and devils. Reaffirming his long belief in his companions, The Doctor shattered the power source, mockingly telling the Beast to enjoy its 'freedom'.

 Back in the rocket, the Beast's mind lost any semblance of control as it realised what The Doctor had done, revealing his true face to the other expedition members. As the rocket spiralled back into the black hole, the Beast ranted that he could never die as the thought of him was forever in the hearts and minds of the universe, but Rose grabbed a gun from one of the other expedition members and shot out the window of the rocket, leaving Toby's possessed body to be sucked out into space as the emergency shield was raised to replace the broken window.

 Just as the rocket was about to fall into the sun, The Doctor, heading deeper into the caverns where the Beast had been imprisoned, discovered the one thing he needed now more than ever; the TARDIS, standing upright where it had fallen after the initial asteroid shower had sent it falling down into the planet. Taking the TARDIS, The Doctor picked Ida up from where she'd been left as he descended into the Pit before using the TARDIS to pull the rocket away from the black hole. After The Doctor had picked Rose up from the rocket, leaving Ida behind, the two of them departed, leaving the expedition to record the deaths that that occurred during the fight with the Beast, making sure to state that all the victims received full honours for their actions.

 Although the Beast is dead, it is important to note that it is apparently not the only one of its kind. In the Torchwood episode "End of Days", a mysterious creature known as Abaddon, referred to as the 'son of the great Beast' and looking remarkably like the Beast itself, was released from the temporal rift above Cardiff, but was eventually defeated by The Doctor's former (And apparently future) companion Captain Jack Harkness. Whether this means there are more beings like the Beast in the Universe remains to be seen.
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