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The Abzorbaloff
The Abzorbaloff
The Abzorbaloff
 Name: The Abzorbaloff (Name was given to him by others; what his species actually called itself was never specified); posed as human Victor Kennedy.

 Format: Television show

 Time of Origin: Originates from the planet Clom; encountered The Doctor on Earth in the present.

 Appearances: "Love & Monsters"

 Doctors: Tenth Doctor

 Companions: Rose Tyler; Jackie Tyler encountered one of the Abzorbaloff’s ‘minions’ but did not meet the Abzorbaloff directly.

 History: Although he originated from Clom, the twin planet of Raxacoricofallapatorius - the home world of The Doctor’s enemies The Slitheen -, the Abzorbaloff is a distinctly different being from the Slitheen, even if he looks fairly similar to them.

Victor Kennedy
Victor Kennedy
 In his natural state, the Abzorbaloff resembles an extremely overweight humanoid with sickly green skin and tufts of black hair, essentially appearing somewhat humorous at a casual perusal. However, his true nature and abilities make him a particularly dangerous threat; when he makes contact with another living thing, he is able to literally absorb that being into himself, gaining access to their knowledge and experiences while leaving some aspect of their personalities intact, manifesting as faces surrounding his body. It would appear that the more interesting and unique experiences a person possesses, the richer the ‘flavour’ of the person when the Abzorbaloff absorbs them. It was also implied that the Abzorbaloff requires technological assistance when away from his home planet to prevent himself absorbing things at random, using a field generator to control his body while walking around on Earth.

 Arriving on Earth under unspecified circumstances, the Abzorbaloff became determined to track down The Doctor - it is possible that he had heard about him due to whatever Raxacoricofallapatorian legal agency was responsible for keeping an eye on the Slitheen to ensure they stayed away from their home planet -, eagerly anticipating the chance to ‘taste’ The Doctor’s experiences. To aid his attempt to find The Doctor, he made contact with ‘LINDA’, the London Investigation ‘N Detective Agency, an unofficial group of people who had become interested in finding out more about The Doctor after past encounters with the Time Lord, posing as the enigmatic Victor Kennedy to coordinate their research.

Absorbed by the Abzorbaloff
Absorbed by the Abzorbaloff
Although the rest of LINDA quickly grew to resent his control over what had become a more straightforward social gathering of friends, particularly after member Elton Pope’s attempts to find The Doctor by befriending Jackie Tyler resulted in Jackie being left hurt when her new ‘friend’ was only interested in her for The Doctor, the Abzorbaloff sabotaged their attempts to rebel by absorbing them, revealing his identity when only Elton was left. As Elton fled, however, the TARDIS materialised in the alley where the Abzorbaloff was preparing to absorb Elton, resulting in the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler confronting the Abzorbaloff and quickly deducing his planet of origin.

 Although the Abzorbaloff attempted to force The Doctor to surrender to him by threatening Elton, The Doctor turned the tables on him by inspiring the previously - absorbed members of LINDA to try and resist the Abzorbaloff. As the rest of Elton’s old team tried to pull the Abzorbaloff apart, Elton grabbed the Abzorbaloff’s cane and broke it, causing the Abzorbaloff’s absorption abilities to go out of control, resulting in him being absorbed into the planet beneath him as his body was unable to cope without the field. A last legacy of the Abzorbaloff remained when The Doctor was able to partially restore Ursula, the last member of LINDA that the Abzorbaloff had absorbed, from the paving slab that the Abzorbaloff had collapsed into, allowing her and Elton to have some kind of life with each other despite Ursula being reduced to little more than a face.
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