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Lindsay Duncan
 Lindsay Duncan was born in November 1950 in Edinburgh, Scotland and attended the King Edwards VI High School for Girls in Birmingham. She later studied at London’s Central School of Speech and Drama and worked in mostly unheralded theatre roles before graduating to television productions in the late 1970’s.

These productions include The New Avengers - "Angels of Death" (1977), On Approval (1982), Reilly, Ace of Spies (1983), Dead Head (1985), and Traffik (1989). While on stage she created the role of La Marquise de Merteuil in the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of Les Liaisons Dangereuses in Stratford, London and New York.

  In the 1990s, she continued to appear in prestigious London stage and screen productions, such as the 1999 television version of Oliver Twist. She also played the part of the wife of author Peter Mayle in the 1993 television serial A Year in Provence. Her voice can also can be heard in the 1991 film Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace and she appeared in the 1999 film adaptation of Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park. Between 2005 and 2007 she played the part of Servilia Caepionis in 18 episodes of the HBO-BBC series Rome.

  Since appearing in Doctor Who, as Adelaide Brooke, Lindsay Duncan has continued to appear in various television and film roles. Including the television comedy show Come Fly with Me (2010 – 2011), as the Narrator, and in 2011 television mini-series The Sinking of the Laconia. She also played the part of Alice’s mother in Tim Burton’s 2010 film Alice in Wonderland.

  She was awarded the CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) in the 2009 Queen’s Birthday Honours List for her services to Drama.
 Although Adelaide never actually travelled with The Doctor, she spent a great deal of time in his company during one of the most personal adventures of his life, during a crisis where The Doctor came disturbingly close to assuming an attitude that more resembled The Valeyard than any other incarnation, rewriting history to fit what he wanted to happen despite the dangers of doing so.

Adelaide Brooke
Adelaide Brooke
Adelaide’s history with The Doctor could be said to have begun when she was a little girl during the Dalek theft of Earth ("The Stolen Earth/Journey's End"); locked in her room while her father left the house to search for her mother (Neither of whom ever came back), a Dalek saw her as she stood in at her attic window, but it turned around and returned to the sky, leaving Adelaide with a strong resolve to follow it, simply to explore rather than for revenge (Although she only ever told her daughter about her encounter). With Earth facing an environmental crisis, Adelaide constantly drove herself to reach a point where she would be able to reach into space to find new solutions for humanity’s current challenges, graduating Cambridge with honours in advanced Physics and Mathematics before earning a physics doctorate at Rice University, subsequently becoming NASA’s first non-American candidate. After being the first woman to land on Mars, Adelaide was appointed the commander of Earth’s first offworld colony, Bowie Base One, which was established on Mars in June 2058 and remained there for over a year.

Although the mission went well for several months, things came to a head shortly after the Tenth Doctor arrived on Mars, travelling alone, and found himself being questioned about his presence on the planet in Bowie Base One before he could escape detection. Although The Doctor attempted to leave the base to ensure that history remained intact - aware that what was about to happen was a fixed point in time that he couldn’t change -, subsequent strange events in the base’s bio-dome - essentially the base’s gardens - prompted Adelaide to take The Doctor with her while she investigated the events, discovering one of her crew unconscious in the corridor leading to the bio-dome. Despite his unwillingness to get too involved, The Doctor took the chance to ask Adelaide if the sacrifices she had made - including leaving Earth shortly before her first granddaughter was born - were worth it, Adelaide responding with the assurance that she had enjoyed the chance to see a new world, quickly earning The Doctor’s respect.

Adelaide and The Doctor
Adelaide and The Doctor
As The Doctor and Adelaide continued to investigate the events in the bio-dome, they discovered that other members of Adelaide’s crew had been infected with the mysterious water-based infection known as The Flood, trapped in an iceberg by the ancient Martians before it escaped into the base’s water supply thanks to a lost filter. During their struggle against the Flood, The Doctor came to admire Adelaide for such actions as her refusal to shoot someone who had been infected with the Flood when it would have been easy to do so, recognising in her the strength and courage that he had always admired about humans. Despite her own suspicion about the coincidence of him showing up at this time, Adelaide in return soon recognised that The Doctor wasn’t a coward despite his constant attempts to leave, even sharing slight jokes with him such as his comment about the need for bikes to make traversing the base’s long corridors easier.

As the virus spread and its hosts escaped containment, the crew began preparations to escaped by taking Action One of evacuation, but Adelaide had already realised that something was different about The Doctor. As The Doctor prepared to depart the base, Adelaide locked him in the airlock to make him tell her what would happen to them, aware that he knew more than them without actually knowing about his true identity as a time traveller. With no other choice, The Doctor admitted that the base would be destroyed that day when Adelaide activated Action Five, detonating the base to contain the Flood, her actions inspiring her granddaughter Susie Fontana-Brooke’s later drive to explore space as she became the pilot of Earth’s first faster-than-light ship. Adelaide tried to ask The Doctor to help them, but he initially stated that he couldn’t help, reflecting that the Dalek had spared her because it was aware that her death was a fixed point in time and space, informing her that her death had to happen for history to unfold as it should.

Escaping From The Flood
Escaping From The Flood
Even as Adelaide gave The Doctor a chance to depart, he was left to listen as the Flood infiltrated the base, the crew being separated and trapped by the water as it began to flood into the base, contaminating the base’s food supplies, matters coming to a head when Adelaide’s second-in-command was forced to destroy the shuttle - their only way home - after he was infected to prevent the Flood using it to go back to Earth. Briefly allowing his pain and rage over the Time War to motivate him, The Doctor decided to try and save the crew, concluding that, with the death of the Time Lords, he could now command the Laws of Time for his own without the Time Lords to enforce the rules on him, resolved to continue fighting even as Time itself apparently ‘warred’ against him to trap the surviving crew in that area. Using one of the base’s modified drone robots, The Doctor was able to send the robot through the Flood-infected waters in order to reach the TARDIS, subsequently remotely activating the TARDIS using the robot’s arms and programming it to travel to his current location, where he could then take the surviving three crew members back to Earth.

Despite the fact that all three of the crew were aware that The Doctor had just saved their lives, none of them could easily accept what had just taken place. While the other two survivors - nurse Yuri Kerenski and geologist Mia Bennett - were merely shaken and stunned at the TARDIS’s interior and their sudden return to Earth, Adelaide, remembering The Doctor’s tales of the inspiration her story provided for her granddaughter, was clearly horrified and angered at The Doctor’s arrogance in making such a potentially Earth-altering choice - The Doctor speculating that Adelaide could now inspire her granddaughter face-to-face while Adelaide recognised that he couldn’t be sure of that -, denouncing his claims to be ‘the Time Lord Victorious’ as wrong. As The Doctor returned to the TARDIS after Adelaide returned to her house, he heard a gunshot from inside the house, his memory automatically ‘updating’ to reveal that the only real change to history was Yuri and Mia living to tell of Adelaide’s sacrifice to save humanity from the Flood, Adelaide’s death preserving her granddaughter’s original destiny.

Young Adelaide Visited by a Dalek
Young Adelaide Visited by a Dalek
With her sacrifice, Adelaide reminded The Doctor that he could not have the right to make choices that could threaten the history of the world simply because he thought it was the right thing to do, helping him to recognise that he had gone too far in attempting to shape history in such a manner (An action chillingly reminiscent of The Valeyard’s actions in "He Jests at Scars...", looking at a universe where The Valeyard defeated The Doctor and went on to cause so much damage to the universe that he used the TARDIS force fields to immobilise himself in the console room to stop himself making things worse). Although The Doctor only knew her for a brief time, her actions and sacrifice had a profound impact on him, particularly when his subsequent adventure found him putted against the Time Lords as they attempted to save themselves by destroying the universe, once again prompting him to recognise the dangers of the course of action he’d tried to carry out and remind him of what he could never allow himself to become ("The End of Time").

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